new player guide

Hi there! Here’s what you should know to get started.

Getting ready for your first visit to this campaign

You don’t need to read or do anything ahead of time— you are welcome to just show up and get stuck in. Caves of Chaos is always new-player-friendly— including those who have never played an RPG before.

Every new person coming to a Caves of Chaos session starts with a level 1 character. If you are new or time-pressed, just grab a pre-made one I have available. Or you can make your own character ahead of time— see the character making guide.

Bring pencils if possible. Bring dice if you have them. (If you have any D&D materials, in books or official digital files, feel free to bring those along too.)

Getting a little deeper

There are some great videos that show people playing D&D, often for the first time, and that can really help some people get confident in how to play. There is a Twitch page that has heaps to watch. Steer towards streams that expressly say they have new players, or are done by WotC DMs like Chris Perkins who introduce people to D&D.

If you’d like to read the rules ahead of time, go to the Wizards of the Coast basic rules page. You can skip over the stuff about making a character to just get an idea of what you can do. You may need to make a Wizards account but it’s easy and free.

new player guide

Caves of Chaos - Getting Started MatthewFord